Payments for regular window cleaning services are collected by Direct Debit using Go Cardless (see below).

Payments for other cleaning services can be made via cash or card on the day of our visit.

Want a new, simple, hassle free way to pay your bill?

Never worry about your bill getting too high or missing a payment!


Let us do the hard so you can sit back and enjoy our service.

GO CARDLESS couldn’t be simpler, just click the link below to the online form which takes two minutes to set up, and we’ll take over the rest.

Direct debit link

What happens next?

Your windows will continue to be cleaned on a regular basis and we will leave a card to let you know we have been, the same as we have always done. The only difference is that this time we will debit your account with the agreed regular monthly amount.

Once the payment has been processed from our end, you will be sent an email with the date the money is to be debited from your account, it really is as simple as that. We will continue to do this after every regular clean so you will never have to worry about putting the money aside for us again.

100% safe!

GoCardless is protected by the Direct Debit guarantee entitling you to an instant refund if anything goes wrong with the transaction.

Go Cardless is also authorised by the FCA Financial Conduct Authority

You are in full control and can cancel at any time!

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